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     Have you or some of  your friends bought all the parts to build a computer and then burned some of them out trying to assemble it? Do you want a personalized computer that you can built yourself? Do you want to know what is actually happening inside a computer? Are you tired of having to settle for the same system as everybody else, "The polyester one size fits all computer"? Systems that are designed to do everything don't do anything one thing very well. They just do many jobs, sort of generically. We will teach you how to assemble your own custom computer to do what you want to do, PC Gameing, C.A.D., Audio and Video and much More.
This class is in two parts.

CS101:        Classes are limited to 10 people at a time right now.
                     This intro class is mandatory.  You can't sign up for the rest
$25.00         the class without taking this. At its end participants will receive: 
                     Participant's certificate and $10.00 off the actual building class,

CS102:           You will learn about brief history of the home computer.
                        What the different parts of the computer are responsible for accomplishing.
                        Why some computers look barren and others seem packed with parts.
                        How to balance your funds to get the best results for your money spent.
                        How much you should realistically expect to pay for the level you want.

CS102:               This is NOT a remedial computer user class.
                            You will NOT learn how to use Windows™ , Excel™, Office™, Word™,
$125                   nor the Internet. This is strictly a building class. Expect to reserve a good
                            portion of the day.  Classes are severely limited since the instruction is
($10 Rebate)    personal, 3 students per class. Plus personally designed Crucial Computers
                            Custom Computer Kit ($$ will vary). If you are building the computer as a gift
 $115                  special arrangements can be made.

Participants must to pay for these classes using only Paypal. Paypal accepts all forms of payment, Debit / Credit card and any prepay Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover. Meaning you don't have to have a Paypal account to use it.

What participants receive:

                                                A proper computer tool kit.  Also good for small jobs                                                                                                           around the house. Hands-on assistance building and installing a complete                                                 desktop computer. A Final Completion Certificate 2 free months Crucial
                                                Computers service package

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